Friday, 13 May 2011

Welcome to OutspokenRabbit

Hiya - it's been a hell of a week - once the Libertarian Party went into a Monday meltdown, I pondered the next move and came to the conclusion that party politics is not really for people who believe in something. Whatever your affiliation, the shit always seems to rise to the top, with the good, decent and well-meaning people left as mere foot soldiers to enhance the ego and standing of one twat or another.

Something you will have noticed straight away is that unlike the sanitised blogs, our commitment to an adult, grown-up debate means yes swearing is perfectly ok on here from both posters and those making comments - it does annoy me how the discussion of everyday issues is filtered in such a way so everyday language is forbidden.

What we're trying to do on here is simple - it's not a question of endorsing one political party or another, or pushing a certain manifesto. A couple of us are committed Libertarians, but this is not a blog exclusively for one set of social or political views. It's about breaking the cycle of tired, centre ground politics that has sent millions to sleep while attempting to steal the independence of the rest of us to think for ourselves. If you've got a nice, safe opinion then go somewhere else!!

Nor is this simply another political blog - it covers current affairs and whatever is in the news, but wanders into other areas such as everyday observation, sport, humour - I just hope that all of our writers and contributors enjoy the site.

Two quick things before I go - the sites I refer you to here - is a superb football site which gave me my break as a writer and I totally appreciate what Rob Paton and Tim Doel did in terms of enabling me to hone my craft. There was no fallout - I just got a bad dose of 'footballitis' and couldn't watch enough to be an expert anymore.

The other is the channel of Bernard Chapin, an outspoken rabbit in his own right from the US - if you're looking to break from conventional wisdom he's a good place to start, and his observations on feminism are (in my view) uncanny.

Many thanks for reading and - enjoy!!


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