Saturday, 28 May 2011

Original Sin

Through coition came cognition,

so we’re told.

From serpentine perdition,

to the eve of our condition,

is a line of pulchritude.

The serpent was lascivious.

Tempting Eve to coitus,

by offering an apple

to consume.

His squirming, so voluptuous,

slithering, conceptuous,

lured her to

perfidy and sin.

From thus, homo erectus

was hetero in his genius,

until, through nostra damus,

came il papa’s mighty plan.

By immaculate deception,

came the godhead

to reception

as a naked babe in straw.

Lacking sign of all suspicion,

or hint of malefaction,

the lord had sired offspring,

but no genitals engorged.

Through countless generation,

from Adam and creation,

had the genesis of

humankind been drawn.

By fervent copulation,

foregoing masturbation,

the race had been

expanded and preserved.

In coitus emeritus,

no interruption hindered us

and life was passed

by orgasmagic down.

From primeval broth evolving,

through complex myths contriving,

the human creature

comes to speculate.

No! It surely is apparent,

that our knowing was descendant,

and did not come

from falling to a snake.

All the love and joy

in breeding, should be guiltless,

not conceding any merit

to the fantasists of god.

Deus non magnificat,

and coitus cum laude.

Shagging is not sinful,

but bonding beautiful.

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