Friday, 27 July 2012

Elites and governing elites

The reason that efforts to promote liberal democracy and western style government in the Middle East have failed is simply because they have been thwarted by interest groups, elites, within and part of western society and for whom liberal democracy is not, actually, on their agenda.

Totalised control, that operates free of any need for accountability to the controlled, is their ultimate aim and so in fact the medieval totalist philosophies and political systems that currently rule in most of the mid east are actually more in line with what they are seeking to achieve.

There are those in the governing elite of the West who genuinely do desire to promote and establish freedom. However it seems they have been outwitted and strategically bested by those working within the liberal social structures who seek to achieve coercion and control by an elite as the norm.
The governing structures of the European Union are  examples of systems tending in that direction.
Whether such coercion and control is through nazism, socialism, fascism, islamisim, corporatism, communism, ba'athism, atheism or witchcraft is not important to them. What is important is the principle that the elite directs and everyone else obeys.

In fact if one presumes this is the basis for many of the seemingly strange things that go on, such as David Cameron's incomprehensible attitude and actions regarding the EU, they begin to make sense.

This requirement for the principle of dictators and dictatees is the reason that such unlikely bedfellows as communists and islamists find common cause.
The need to control what is done and what is not done is the critical requirement; the principle to be established.
An interesting line from a Mises letter expressed the spirit of this attitude as evidenced by the US internal revenue 'service':  "Everything not forbidden is compulsory."

Individual freedom and individual responsibility is anathema to such people. It is positively dangerous.
But without that freedom and responsibility there is no hope for the human race.
We will stagnate and start slipping backwards, as, in many ways, we have and are.

Which spirit will prevail?


  1. Absolute nonsense!

    1. Hi Dave,
      Your reply seems to conform to a distressing trend in current British thought and dialogue which has something in common with the attitude that gives rise to road rage.
      A pity all round.

    2. Are you on drugs?

  2. Hmmm, interesting post. Yes I concur with some of this, the Western democracies always claim to act in the name of that democracy, when we know that governments are motivated for other reasons. The West has flourished under a kind of freedom for a number of centuries-that freedom and democracy is not, and has never been, perfect, but it has often been better than tyranny or dictatorship. Give me flawed democracy any day over perfect tyranny!

    It seems that Middle Eastern and Near Eastern countries are pulled in two completely opposite directions-there is now a pull to a kind of democracy, and there is the old pull of totalitarianism and the old guards running things like their private gentleman's club. I think England has a mild version of this too. And it's for certain that those who oppose democracy and free speech and so on in the West, will oppose it everywhere else too.

    I hate to say it but the world is run by self-serving elites who, when it really boils down to it, use ideology and different versions of politics to control others, control resources and make the world in their image; that's everywhere. When we live the life we want to, we rebel in a small way, and when millions of people do so, then we have democracy; imperfect, but ours. That's the best we can hope for in a deeply unfair world.

    1. Hi TC,
      It all tends to totalism, I fear.
      I think one has to look at the players in terms of them being individuals seeking to stuff their pockets and boss other people around.
      To think in collective identities is to fall into a trap from which those pursuing liberty might hope to be free?

    2. 'It all tends to totalism, I fear.' Likewise, I think the same thing. There is a pull within those who rule, or lead, or control, or whatever you wish to say, to erode civil liberties of all kinds and have us all dancing to their tune. It's unfortunate but there it is.

      We can only be ourselves in the light of this, by being ourselves, quite frankly! I'm not a big expert on politics, but I think I understand a little about human nature. There are those who conform, and those who will always do their own thing.