Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Chapin's Inferno - a Wandering Couldron of Politically Incorrect Commentary...

All I'll say about this channel is that regardless of whether or not you agree with Bernard, his observations on culture, politics and history are almost certain to engage the brain and provoke a level of thought that could not be found elsewhere (minor qualification - you must have a functioning brain to start with, don't blame me if you're not smart enought to get this guy).

Anyway, I'm fortunate enough in that I agree with the Inferno some three quarters of the time, the exceptions perhaps being on minutae of social policy where I'm bound to have the occasional conflict with a Conservative-Libertarian hybrid. Even in those areas of genuine disagreement, Bernard articulates his point in such a way that demands thought and a considered response, which immediately places him at a higher level than most in terms of serious social and political commentary, including a great many who are well paid to churn out re-hashed nonsense to the already converted (this reminds me, is Johann Hari 'working' again?).

A classic litmus test of liberal instinct is that the individual holds genuine bigotry and its supposed enemy, politcal correctness, with equal contempt. In that regard, Bernard certainly ticks the box.

The biggest single thing I like about Bernard is HE HAS BALLS. Having been a bit of a pussy in the past myself, I appreciate this is easier said than done, but I wish more of us would have the courage to stand up to conventional wisdom and disregard the churlish names that we might get called as a result. Nobody has to prove that they 'care' by supporting increased state activity. There is of course a completely rational argument that the over-taxation of low-earners, allied to a welfare monster that cultivates idleness and dependancy, actually hurts those 'little people' the state is supposed to 'care' about.

Of course I care about low-earning people, since unlike many mainstream Statists, I've actually been one of them. Staring at the meagre number at the bottom of a payslip, then seeing the rather large number under 'deductions' is a demoralising experience, and, frankly, it fucking sucks.

I know it's linked at the bottom of the page, but this guy and his channel are well worth a go - let us know your thoughts. Take care and I'll catch you soon.

Chapin's Inferno - a Wandering Couldron of Politically Incorrect Commentary


  1. I couldn't agree more mate, in my view tax is nothing more than legalised theft. I know that sinking feeling all too well when you work over time and get heavily taxed. Every single time I here a little voice in my head screaming "It's my money! Give it back you cunts!" I don't work overtime in a job I despise so Cameron and Osbourne can take credit for an economic recovery.

  2. Also Chapin is an absolute legend! But don't forget who recommended him to you ;-) ! Hope you're well bro