Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dario Hubner

As a fan of the (now no longer) Piacenza Calcio and the striker known as 'the Bison', it seems that some sort of tribute to the man is in order. Possessed of power, aerial ability and a clinical strike for goal, Hubner is without doubt one of the greatest Italian players never to play for one of their 'big' clubs.

How does a man capable of striking fear into defences to the extent that he did slip under the radar for so long?

Would this guy not have been fucking dynamite in the Premier League (well, stratospheres better than Andrea Silenzi anyway)?

And how the hell do you score 24 goals in a World Cup year and not make the plane? Major club bias, methinks...

Here are some of his greatest moments, including that 24 strike haul in 2001-02.

What a fucking legend - take care and I'll catch you soon...

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