Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jesse Ventura on the Bank Bailout

This bunny is young enough not to remember Jesse Ventura as a wrestler, but old enough to recall his utterly brilliant stint as a commentator in the 1990s. Generally sympathetic to heel wrestlers, Ventura would often wax lyrical on their behalf, offering such insights as "it's only cheating if you get caught" and "Regal hooked the tights - yeah, the mistake his opponent made when he had Regal pinned was not hooking the tights".

All fun and games, and about as real as Santa Claus, the tooth fairy or the Monarchy (apologies to all those who thought any of the aformentioned were kosher).

Anyway, this bunny very much doubts that he would have applied such thoughts to the chief protagonists of the financial crisis in 2008. His 'Conspiracy Theory' programme delves into terrain on occasions that presents its frontman as something of an oddball, and the reliance on 'expert evidence' from the likes of David Icke hardly lends credibility to whatever thesis might be on the table.

This is a shame, as his hatred of gangster capitalism and consistent support for civil liberties will chime instantly with most Libertarians, this bunny included. Ventura is a former governor of Minnesota with real knowledge of how 'the system' works. When your anger is as sincere and well-founded as his, sticking to what one can demonstrate to be true is more than enough.

However, this exploration of the financial meltdown is bang on the money and goes some way towards exposing the cronyism that operated in the relationships between the White House and Wall Street at the time.

For some reason, I'm convinced that TC in particular will enjoy this - look out for the brief cameo from Ron Paul around 20 minutes in.

Take care and I'll catch you soon.


  1. Thanks Daz; I promise I'll watch this tomorrow (6th June) and I think I will enjoy it too.

  2. Nothing new here, but entertaining presentation. I can't help feeling though that Ron Paul appearing with Jesse and Alex Jones, given ammo to his enemies to make "the Ron" look like a crank.

  3. Hi MNN - welcome home.

    Agree about Alex Jones, but Jesse does have the benefit of having been inside the system and seen it for himself. Would take him a little more seriously but your general point about associations is a fair one.

    It was really for the benefit of anyone who understood there had been some kind of crisis, but to whom the details were at best sketchy.

    To be fair, the scale of the links between Goldman Sachs in particular and high office were news to me. There's knowing of a degree of corporate nepotism, and then being exposed to chapter and verse.

    That it happened in the land of the free is probably the saddest thing...