Sunday, 13 May 2012

We're into Mancini time...

Three posts in one night - I take your point about London buses, but the comparison is unfair. I haven't put on THAT much weight.

Anyway, this bunny has always been a bit anti-Man United, but having written specifically about football in the past tries to keep some degree of objectivity. There are many reasons for disliking all things Old Trafford - their sour-faced, excuse-making, ref-blaming twat of a manager, the intimidation of referees by an angry mob of players at every meaningful deicision that goes against them, serial divers such as Ronaldo and Ashley Young (the new Ronaldo, only nowhere near as good). Prawn sandwich eating, business class fans, encouraged first by that vagabond Martin Edwards and now the Glazers.

In the interests of balance, some things to like about United - Bryan Robson's steel, drive and will to win, the immaculate and personable Denis Irwin. Then there's Schmeichel, both the greatest goalkeeper of the last 25 years and the most famous dog in television. Ryan Giggs, just for being Ryan Giggs. Roy Keane's presence, ability to drag his team through matches by the hairband and the fact that YOU WOULD DIE to have him in your dressing room. Nemanja Vidic's balls, bravery and no-nonsense defending (also see Gary Pallister and Jaap Stam). Mark Hughes, possibly the bravest striker of the last 25 years - I've never seen his balls, but they must be fucking huge.

So my anti-Unitedness is tempered slightly (and I didn't even mention Cantona, who is an entity entirelty removed from United in my view). As a result, I can't get too excited about City's successful purchase of the Premier League title. Two goals in what can only be called 'Mancini time' turned their match with QPR (that reminds me to call my Rangers and Ireland-supporting friend - the Euros are coming up). I can't help but conclude that the Hoops' players discovering their own safety (Bolton could only draw at Stoke) led to them switching off and conceding a last-gasp goal at the Etihad Sports Arena inc. City won the title at a point when their opponents had no reason to respect the competition's integrity.

Hey, I've won a bet on this with a United-following workmate of mine over this - but it still sucks.

Then there's the whole soulessness of spending £8 trillion on players and celebrating like lunatics after edging out a Glazer-drained United on goal difference. I know their fans have suffered long and hard, but wasn't the point of being a City fan that it brought with it a degree of martyrdom? Aren't you the 'real Manc team' that revel in being skint, shit and riddled by bad luck? Or is what makes United a soulless, nasty corporate entity (agreed) suddenly good enough for you?

I'm fast falling out of love with football and stopped giving a shit about the Premier League many years ago.

I can honestly say that if North End were bought by some oligarch or asset stripping venture capitalist, I'd walk away and support someone else. Suggestions are of course welcome - take it easy.


  1. Can I suggest FC United of Manchester, set up and owned by fans who walked away from Old Trafford when the Glazers sneaked in and loaded the club with a debt the size of a small country's national debt?

    City fans, by the way, are vile in defeat and even worse in victory. All that 'we're real Manchester' went out of the window when they were nationalised by the state of Abu Dhabi.

    I may return for a fuller response shortly.

  2. I've never been a big footy fan myself Daz, but your post is very good and worth reading, and makes even me give slightly a toss about footy; well done! I suspect Man City are like Everton in some respects (I hope I haven't said something wrong!) in that it seemed to be always expected that they would lose gamely and be as ever 'nearly-men'. Anyway, enough footy for me.

    Seriously, thanks for the comment on my blog mate; it is most appreciated. Keep up the good work and keep 'rabbiting' on!