Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Will keep this brief - the Football's on...

Someone has kindly pointed me in the direction of a certain Panorama programme regarding the BNP. The subject of the European Union must be a difficult one for Griffin and his gang of thugs to ponder, since while the (accidentally correct) party line of withdrawing from the EU panders nicely to their innate xenophobia, being a part of the club sure enhances the scope for corruption. This bunny rarely plugs something from Stasi television, but there you go - an apparent hatred of all things Brussels and Strasbourg has not stopped Nazi Nick from dipping his greasy little mitts into the till and boarding the gravy train himself.

The accepted conventional wisdom of course is that not everyone who votes BNP is racist - a great many are, but then this bunny has no problem acknowledging that some might simply be morons, or individuals possessing a peculiar and misguided notion of what constitutes a protest vote. The New Labour era (which of course is still ongoing in all but name) created a roll of shame for itself that was akin to 'War and Peace', but one that slips under the radar is this:- the constant demonization of Griffin and his party by the political mainstream raised their profile like no amount of their own hateful literature could ever have done.

Telling a pissed off electorate "whatever you do, don't vote for the BNP" has the natural ring of Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor's garden to it - and it was on their watch that these toytown fascists, marginalised and isolated for a generation, achieved their best ever election result. Griffin, the NF shithead with an uncanny resemblance to a cross-dressing Miss Piggy somehow contrived to be seen in some quarters as a victim of the establishment - having spent years telling anyone who would listen that the holocaust was the myth of a Jewish conspiracy, he could probably not believe his own luck and has an awful lot to thank Blair and the PC class for. Along with his fellow scumbag Andrew Brons, Griffin's place in the record books is secure, regardless of what happens in 2014 - and attempting re-write or erase bits of history can be extremely difficult, as he should know.

On a brighter note, here's hoping Scotland can pull off an unthinkable victory in Spain - the match kicks off in less than an hour's time, and though the likelihood of such a result before the first whistle blows are slim to none, international football can throw up some quirky and anomalous results, particularly when one team has a great deal more to play for than the other. Whatever result a distinctly average Czech side manage away to Lithuania in Kaunas, the Scots must equal it in order to reach the playoff round for Euro 2012 - that the Spanish are already home and hosed as group winners may help them, particularly if it becomes apparent during the game that a draw will suffice. Lithuania shocked the Czechs in the return fixture in Olomouc, so it is just possible that Scotland could lose tonight's game and still progress.

This bunny's niggle is that a highly dubious penalty awarded to the Czechs at Hampden could ultimately prove fatal. I hope I'm wrong - take care and come on Scotland...

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