Friday, 21 October 2011

Something for the Weekend

Of course, two bits of massive news in the world of music this week - first up, the break-up of Westlife, possibly the greatest boy band of all time (snigger).

This bunny was most amused by the announcement that the split was 'amicable', having hoped to hear that 'artistic differences' had been claimed to exist within an act who specialised in glorified karaoke and would no doubt have done well in, and been well suited to, the holiday camp/cabaret circuit. Hearing one of them say, "you sold out man - it used to be about the music" would have been utterly priceless, but then again, after more than a decade together, aren't they just a tad past the age for selling records to kids?

Having a sister who is eleven and a half years younger than myself enabled them to provide me with a moment that was truly cringeworthy. Being tasked with buying her their 'best of' for Christmas, followed by this bunny's rather unwise decision to walk into his 'regular' record shop to pick it up prompted much ridicule from the seriously hip fella behind the counter who'd played a significant cameo in my collection of New Order's back catalogue. Mind you, when talking about the festive period, many get around their indifference by saying "ach well, as long as the kids enjoy it eh?"...

The announcement of a Stone Roses reunion and tour leaves this bunny with rather mixed feelings. They were a truly pioneering band in what was probably the last era where innovation and authenticity were able to break into the mainstream. The Brown/Squire combination was pretty much the equal of that between Morrissey and Johnny Marr, leaving the group headed by the latter pair as perhaps the last one yet to reform that we would actually like to do so (when Spandau Ballet can get back together in the meantime, you can't help but think that the man upstairs has a rather cruel sense of humour).

My worry is that after the understandable joy of those who remember them for the great songs, Brown's natural talent as a frontman and the indie/dance fusion that accompanied his mystic delivery, the gigs themselves will serve as a reminder that sometimes it's better to remember what you had than attempt to recapture past glories. It may be possible to pretend that it's 1989 all over again, but then you'll always know that we're two decades on and popular music has turned to ratshit in the time that has passed. For the sake of those who are making their way to Manchester for what should be an emotional gig, this bunny sincerely hopes that such concerns are unfounded.

I'll leave you with one of the Roses' finest works 'I Wanna be Adored' and Neil Hannan's inspiration for the title of this post. Take care and I'll catch you soon.

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  1. " but then you'll always know that we're two decades on and popular music has turned to ratshit in the time that has passed."

    Hear, hear.