Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday Session

Two slices of Sunday Rabbit coming up - in the meantime, here are a couple of musical blasts from the past.

I've always liked REM and their work, particularly the early stuff that pre-dated their arrival as an international phenomenon in the 1990s. On that note, two gems from Stipe, Buck and Mills that this bunny is particularly fond of - the quintessentially jangly 'Can't Get There from Here', released way back in 1985 and 1994's 'Bang and Blame' (love the vibrato effect Peter's got going on that guitar by the way - nicely done).
I'll leave you with an obscure 80s epic. 'Brilliant Mind' was Furniture's only hit single, and what a mark on mortality it is. Only a set of brilliant minds could themselves craft song that is strangely hypnotic while crossing into the spheres of angst-ridden melancholia, loneliness and the feeling of being manipulated.
We'll be talking spot-fixing amongst other things tomorrow - take care and I'll catch you then.

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