Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Looking Rough, Feeling Worse...

God bless the 'sacred cow' that is the NHS, eh? This bunny is still waiting for confirmation that his thyroid is about as much use as rocking horse shit, and just hopes they remembered to tick the appropriate box on the appropriate form this time. Given that this was the only test that was to be carried out, one would think the dice might be loaded in their favour - here's hoping that such optimism is not misplaced.

After much discussion recently of the question 'is it wrong to want to live on your own?' (and the forming of a recognised , legally protected minority for those of us who genuinely believe that it isn't), this song seemed strangely appropriate. What follows is not the single version that reached the dizzy heights of number 10 in 1987, but an unreleased demo that this bunny must say he greatly prefers.

Speaking of alternative versions, I've also attached a stripped down gem of a take on this bunny's favourite Smiths number - gotta love that Johnny Marr jangle, haven't you?

Nice to hear the inspired words of Morrissey from way back before he became a lifestyle fascist in his own, less socially acceptable way. Take care and I'll catch you soon...

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