Monday, 5 September 2011

OutspokenRabbit Climbs with Wikio Again

Many thanks to all of our readers, friends, contributors and trolls who have enabled this site to rise by a further 50 places in the Wikio ratings. It has already been said that no blog has held the prestigious slot at number 192 in the roll of honour with a greater swagger than this one.

On a more serious note, it represents measurable progress in reasonable time, and though these things are not hugely important in isolation, they do serve as a useful indication as to whether anyone is taking you seriously or not. I very much doubt we'll ever be competing as equals with the likes of Guido - and Liberal Conspiracy -, but it's nice to be heading in the right direction and I'm immensely grateful to all who helped make it possible.

I'm disappointed for the guys and girls at Anna Raccoon -, who just fell out of the top 20 after a prolonged period within it. As the queen bee of sites with Libertarian leanings, I have no doubt that they will be back - form is temporary and all that. Matt, Jon and the Raccoon herself have given this site a platform to step in and fill the void on quiet days, even the odd not-so-quiet one, but there are a multitude of much more substantial reasons why you should check them out.

James Garry and his Politics on Toast site - comes in at 238rd place (a leap of over 200) in only its second active month. You will have caught our debate on capital punishment both here and over at the Raccoon - while it is quite clear that James and this bunny certainly approach social and constitutional policy from somewhat different angles, it would be rather pathetic to deny the quality of his output. Expect a cross-post between the two sites in the near future and what is sure to be another fascinating debate, this time on the legal/illegal status of marijuana.

Last but never, ever least is the one and only Malpoet - . Another steady month for the legend has seen him rise by 55 spots up to 216th, despite a spell of inactivity. If you want astute political and social commentary from an instinctively liberal perspective, interspersed by the occasional bout of thought-provoking verse, then this is without doubt the site for you. Even if your blogosphere needs are slightly less prescriptive, 'Liberty, Prosperity, Malpoetry' is still something of a hidden gem - his contributions to these pages are, and always will be, immensely welcome.

By the way, many thanks again to all those who voted for this site or any of its contributors in the Total Politics blog awards - It appears that voting is still open for anyone who wishes to take part. Take care and I'll catch you soon.


  1. Thanks for the very kind and undeserved compliments Daz. Well done to you for making steady progress and being such a consistent writer.

    My life is much too erratic to keep up steady blogging, but my head is still filled with outrageous opinions on just about everything and I will get it online at some time.

    Shame that Raccoon has gone down the rankings. It is a good quality site which deserves support.

    Anyway, keep up the good work Daz. You are a wonderful resource for the many Libertarians who lack a political voice in our very inadequate democracy.

  2. A top 20 dominated by Socialists and "hang em high" Tories. How totally fuxking depressing.

  3. Well Hung Libertarian5 September 2011 at 21:54

    You can't beat a "well hung" libertarian!

  4. It would be a lot more popular if it wasn't for all the trolls on here, sad bastards!

  5. I wouldn't let it go to your head. I think you are just becoming the Katie Price of politics

  6. Eric Poupart Lefarge5 September 2011 at 22:04

    Quesque se?

  7. I believe that the collective noun for a group of trolls is "circle-jerk"

  8. I quite agree there are far too many trolls on here!