Saturday, 17 September 2011

Last Entry on Total Politics Awards - and I'll Sign That in Something you can Frame!!

During the week, I brought you the news that this site had finished a credible 27th in the Libertarian section of the Total Politics Blog Awards. Yesterday came the Libertarian bloggers results, and this bunny is delighted to have come in at a quite astonishing equal 12th place - To be considered on roughly equal terms to the author of the Devil's Kitchen and above a few writers who I've actually heard of is indeed an honour. Many thanks to anyone who voted for this bunny - believe me it is very much appreciated.

Also well worthy of a mention is that Malpoet - appears in the top Libertarian bloggers list in 25th place, while his Weblog missed the top 40 by no more than a coat of paint. One of the issues that comes out of these results is the presence of several high-profile blogs in multiple categories. Well-written independents like Malpoet's site are the biggest casualties of this, and if I were to offer a suggestion to the Total Politics guys for next time, it would be:- one category per blog or contributor, so all votes for that site or writer are pooled into the one in which most votes were accrued. This is not a dig at people who have taken the time to bring new material to the attention of others - it's just clear as a bell to me that if OutspokenRabbit belongs in the top 40 (and this bunny believes that it does) then so do Malpoet's Weblog. Trooper Thompson and a few other bona fide Libertarians.

All in all, these are results with which we can be very pleased, so thanks again to all those who made them possible. Take care and I'll catch you soon.

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