Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Fun and Games

This bunny's thoughts on the collapse of the LibDem vote and their impending wipeout in 2015 appear on Politics on Toast - This week's conference has been a bit like watching a young person who has been given six months to live planning a non-stop sequence of nights out before they croak - ach well, we're in deep shit now, but let's enjoy it while it lasts. Highly weird, even by their own impressive standards.

Many thanks to the guys over there for running it, and it may be the first of several - who knows...

Like most of you, I like to chill out on a Friday night and regular readers will have noticed something of a trend in regard to when material does or does not go up. All I can say is thanks to JohnB, Malpoet, ManNotNumber and the rest for their own contributions on days when either nothing has interested this bunny, there have been other commitments, or the will to sit at my desk until stupid o'clock at night has simply been lacking. As is the case with nearly all Libertarians, my political activity is very much part-time (although some generously award themselves a full-time salary without the knowledge of those who are paying it). This of course is one of the many ways in which Statists have the dice loaded in their favour.

On a brighter note, here's one of my favourite artists of all time, Lloyd Cole, giving a great performance of one of his strongest numbers, the heartfelt 'Jennifer She Said'. Take care and I'll catch you soon.

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