Monday, 26 September 2011

Feminists are to Men what the Ku Klux Klan are to Black People

Before dealing with the main focus of this piece, this bunny should make it clear that he has very little and possibly no interest in pornography or other 'adult' material. The very few such films that I've watched have tended to evoke laughter more than anything else, crystal clear as it is that none of the parties involved are enjoying themselves quite as much as they would like the viewer to believe - all part of the job I suppose. The 'storylines' of these cinematic epics are of course dire in their lack of imagination and perhaps that's why this bunny has never really got into it. I like well-written, creative and challenging television, and porn doesn't really qualify.

However, we are all individuals possessed of our own unique tastes. I've met countless people who, regardless of gender, have some sort of X-rated reference library from which they can withdraw material that will scratch their particular itch (as opposed to this rather boring bunny, who possesses precisely none). This might be violent porn, dominatrix, old people, dwarves, etc - none of my business, so watch whatever floats your boat and just don't get me involved.  Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of keeping their big, intrusive noses out of other people's bedrooms, especially when a political agenda is at stake.

The inaugural XBIZ conference in London was met by angry protests from feminists who had dressed up as butchers and smeared themselves with fake blood (predictably, the Grauniad ran a sympathetic piece on the story - Their complaints were the predictable ones that pornography 'degrades' women and renders them little more than pieces of meat. Maybe so, but then what about the dominatrix stuff where some mangina is beaten half to death, while walked round madam's dungeon on a lead with a snooker ball in his mouth? By their standard, presumably this 'degrades' men and should also be made illegal (of course this would turn the adult entertainment industry, like the drugs trade, over to criminal gangs operating underground and unregulated, but that's for another night), yet I didn't hear the sensible shoes squad becoming all enraged about these 'works of art'.

There is a very clear reason for this - feminists (who should not be confused with women in general by the way) have never been and never will be interested in any notion of genuine equality. They have always fought for increasing female privilege on the basis of a battle between the sexes, and will continue to do so until the dice is loaded firmly in favour of what I've previously referred to as 'the Princess Principle' - namely equality, but only when it suits - the right to be regarded as a princess, backed by a myth that sex is this awful thing men do to women, remains in place. Porn films in which a man gets rough with a woman are 'degrading', but mangina-slave being whipped and lashed until he bleeds is fair game. Lapdancing clubs are pits of debauchery sponsored by Satan himself, but hiring a male stripper for a hen party is absolutely fine.

In  short, it's objectifying women that is the issue - these people have no problem whatsoever with objectifying men, something which most women (and a few men) do with at least some sort of regularity. Mind you, what else should one expect from female chauvinists and supremacists? I appreciate that many readers will have found the title of this piece rather 'near the knuckle', but that is exactly the phenomenon that we're facing here:- militant feminism is nothing more than vicious anti-male sexism, intent on genuinely degrading men to the level of second class citizens while entrenching female privilege. If they really want to promote strong, independent women then having a little faith in their ability to make an informed decsion, even one they might feel 'degrades' them, would be a start.

Some adults of course like to be 'degraded' sexually, or view material in which others are, be they male or female, but so what?  If we all stopped poking our noses where they weren't wanted, namely into the bedrooms and viewing habits of other people, then as a society we might develop a more grown-up attitude towards questions of sex and sexuality. Moreover, man-hating sexist pigs might find themselves marginalised in the discussions that followed, and let's face it that would be no bad thing. Take care and I'll catch you soon.

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  1. What bothers me about feminism is that the agenda always involves an element of compulsion.

    The objection to pornography by some feminists is founded in the fact that it is mainly made for and consumed by men.