Monday, 1 August 2011

Wikio Top 20 Political Blogs - August 2011

Ok - of no immediate relevance to the Rabbit or its readers, but I'm fairly confident that both this site and Malpoet's personal blog will climb from the basement positions they achieved last time out.

Anyway, here's the Wikio Top 20 for August:-

1. Liberal Conspiracy
2. Left Foot Forward
3. Guy Fawkes' Blog
4. Politics: Politics Blog -
5. Labourlist
6. Liberal Democrat Voice
7. Political Scrapbook
8. Conservative Home's ToryDiary
9. Conservative Home's YourPlatform
10. Labour Uncut
11. Archbishop Cranmer
12. Harry's Place
13. Jack of Kent
14. Anna Raccoon
15. Westminster Blog
16. Benedict Brogan
17. Dick Puddlecote
18. EU Referendum
19. Tim Worstall
20. Stumbling and Mumbling

Well done again to our friends at Anna Raccoon -, who have sustained their place amongst the elite of the Uk's political blogosphere. The full rankings will be available via Wikio on the 5th.


  1. Does Dan Hannan's blog not count in this? He must have thousands more hits that some of the garbage listed above.

  2. Hannan might get more hits than those listed, but he doesn't have an entry in Wikio.