Friday, 5 August 2011

The Slow Rise of the Rabbit

This site has hopped, skipped and jumped its way up to the dizzy heights of 242nd place in the Wikio listings. This represents a rise of 92 places on last month.

Many thanks to all of our contributors, readers and trolls for enabling this modest upturn in name recognition to take place.

Special mention to the guys and girls at Anna Raccoon - who have allowed several cross-posts from here. It's nice to see a 'small independent' holding its own at the top end of the Uk political blogosphere, with semi-celebrities and products of official party machines to compete with.

By the way, mega kudos to Malpoet and his personal blog -, which came in at 271st place. That's a leap of 177 - nicely done Mal!!

Take care and I'll see you around...


  1. A rise of 92 places in one month is pretty amazing. It is a credit to you and all of the hard work you have put into this blog.

    To me it is a great encouragement to see that people want to read thoughtful articles providing sharp insight into complex issues rather than just skimming through the more superficial coverage which is everywhere.

    Well done on building a very high quality blog which is going from strength to strength.

  2. Thanks Mal - you've leapt 177 places, which is better than good, it's fucking insane!!

    This sounds like a mutual back-scratching session but you know on Amazon where people who bought this also get the general idea.

    I'd tell anyone who enjoys this place to check out Malpoet's site as well. The politics is just as good and the poetry is slightly better...

  3. Well done Daz, and well deserved too!