Sunday, 26 June 2011

Electro Angst Unlimited - Glad we Met (we weren't supposed to)

Seems this green and pleasant land
has now fallen into the hands
Of mercenaries, crooks and thieves
with hidden aces up their sleeves
Those that swear they will amaze ya
make you pine for euthanasia
Living in their personal toy
is to endure and not enjoy

So when we run into each other
it's nice to come across another
Independent, open mind
who knows group thinking is just blind
Conventional wisdom saunters on
being its own oxymoron
Let's escape from the asylum
come and meet me on this island

Everybody loves a man
who can execute a plan
A minute of your precious time
is all I need to explain mine
Here's a place for only those
talented and loving souls
Fail to meet this strict criteria
there's no room for your posterior

No time here for mindless sheep
or bores who'll send you straight to sleep
They're the cancer in this world
silly little boys and girls
All I want is stars like you
to do the things you want to do
Take some time if you've got doubts
call me and we'll fly you out

To a land of blooming and blossoming flowers
Talk about the things you love for hours
Without bureaucracy that devours
individuality from inside ivory towers

Here you will be left alone
in what's a government-free zone
And anyone who does oppress
will have to publicly undress
Bullies won't be tolerated
here they are despised and hated
Not supported de facto
like in the bullshit life we know

Glad we met – we weren't supposed to
looked fate in the eyes and told her
Could have been a big success
in the eyes of the sadly soulless
Their plans for me seemed pretty strange
so this cat chose to make a change

Come live a life that's civilised and cultured
No imbecile is gonna insult ya
Where we cannot be vexed by vicious vultures
I really want you there because I love ya

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