Saturday, 14 May 2011

How to spot a Control Freak - Part 94

Like many I've had to deal with control freaks for as long as I can remember. Before we start, it is worth defining what exactly a control freak is. It is not a person who wants autonomy over their own existence. This could best be described as a perfectly healthy independent streak. A real control freak is someone who demands that other people exist in their life on their own terms. Now you can see that in the way that governments and individuals operate.

Many years ago I was invited into a sort of 'corporate arranged marriage' that amounted to a huge loss of personal sovereignty and the sale of large chunks of soul for reasonable-sized chunks of cash. Now this shaped and defined my libertarian principles (and cost me a few bumps and bruises along the way) and demonstrated to me the value of the individual's right to make his or her own decisions.

The thing worth remembering is a control freak really loves you, or at least thinks that they do. Ever act of surveillance or spying is for your own benefit, understood? And every time they pry or intrude into your personal affairs is because they 'care' - all personal control freaks and political statists will justify their own behaviour by telling us how much they 'care' - in reality they are rarely able to see beyond the end of their own nose, but as long as they can justify their 'care' in their own heads then what is there to worry about? 'Cruel to be kind', remember...

Whether we're talking about individuals or governements, here's another trait common to those involved in the dark arts of control-freakery. They demand to know everything about you but you are permitted to know the square root of nothing about them. They will pry and spy and meddle in everything you seek to do, but ask a simple question about their activities and you'll be told to 'mind your own business'. That information would appear to be 'classified' or on a 'need to know' basis. But whether we're talking statist governments or individual control freaks, you'll find that it is always they that get to decide who 'needs to know' - so the cycle continues. In terms of government, MPs excluding themselves from FOI legislation is a prominent example of this strand of control-freakery.

However. the biggest single attribute of the control freak is manipulation and the way in which they contrive a sacred 'greater good'. Whether it's an attempt by an individual to get you to 'settle down' with a wife/husband, two kids, a dog and a lawnmower or a government looking to control behaviour or thought, or just steal your money, then the idea of 'sacred goals' is paramount to their methodology. X is sacred so Y must be wrong. Heal thyself or face eternal damnation.

Again it is they who get to define what this sacred goal is - in a family it might be you 'settling down' and following the path that makes them happy. In government terms, it may mean equality of outcome relating to earnings, redistribution of wealth, restrictions on free speech, or a massive welfare programme to 'help' the poor. Once it is established that this objective is the 'socially responsible thing to do', it therefore justifies the encroachment of any personal freedom you may have. Any wish to do your own thing therefore becomes 'selfish' and 'irresponsible' in the eyes of the control freak.

The number of times I heard in my early 20s that I was 'selfish' and 'irresponsible' made me wanna tear the paint off the walls. I just realised that some of that 'normal life' stuff about having a family was not my thing. I'm not telling anyone that this is wrong, or what they should or should not do. But there always seems to be this hand on your shoulder, trying to push you in the direction that suits them, not you. I know plenty of people like myself who take nothing from the state and actually pay for the upkeep of kids whose parents refuse to work. Yet I'm the one who's being 'selfish' and 'is not contributing' - don't think so pal.

The truly selfish are those who are not 'the married with kids type' but go down that route anyway either for extra welfare or in a pursuit of social approval only to find that they are not up to it. They are the people who have kids they have no intention of nurturing and providing for. More significantly, they are those who use and manipulate other people including 'their' family to live out their own dreams, and force others to fit into their view of how the world should look. In short, the control freak is the most self-centred person you will encounter, so never, ever let someone of that ilk call you 'selfish' and walk away. They, along with the societal pressures they stir up and cultivate, need to be dealt with and shot down in flames.

Protesting against government control can of course be done as and when new laws, edicts or taxes arise, but dealing with it in everyday experience is more difficult. You'll find that management in big companies use this technique to create a climate of fear and intimidation - remember when too many fools make too many rules, they tend to be for the benefit of said fools, not 'everyone' as they would like you to believe.

My advice to anyone under the spell of the control freak is - from experience I know that invariably it is not you they care about. Control freaks are a cancer, and like all cancers you need to cut them out at the earliest opportunity. I'm gonna return to this theme again in the future because it's a central part of how bad parents and office hitlers work as well as statist governments. The crossover between the everyday little hitler and authoritarian governments is massive, immensely revealing and well worth coming back to.

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